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Scenting Hospitals

Aroma Scenting can bring-in positive changes to patients which in benefit your hospital business!

What comes to mind when you hear the word “hospital”? Do you feel that very distinctive smell that you would have experienced anywhere else? That pungent smell that lingers still in your mind could of that of Iodoform, chlorophenols or the kind of disinfectants. Hospitals are synonym with these kinds of chemicals and cleansing agents.

Times have changed and departing from the old days, the modern hospitals of today has more welcoming smell and you slowly start forgetting the ‘hospital-smell’ to replace with a soothing and rejuvenating aroma.

AROMA 24/7’s scent systems and aroma / essential oils help hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to have a more relaxing and lighter feeling through ambient scenting.

And you know what, the aroma scenting can create a good feeling to the patients and visitors and it is proved that the ambient smell can be a contributing factor of their wellbeing.

Along with the patients and visitors, the doctors, nursing staff and everyone else in a health care facility deserves a good work environment. Spending the whole life time with the smell of disinfectants may not be a choice they will make when they have options to choose from.

Bring in the aroma that everyone loves to be in!

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