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Scenting Airports

Small Scent diffusers and spray systems are not a good solution when it comes to scenting large areas like a shopping mall, office, hotel or hospital. The scent experience has to be uniform and steady throughout all areas of the property – neither harsh nor subtle. The aroma should be just enough that the visitors appreciate and enjoy being there.

To keep this moderation and consistency, the only way of Aroma diffusion is through the HVAC systems – simply put, through the air conditioning system we have for large areas. The Aroma 24/7 HVAC aroma diffusion system is so easy to install and it doesn’t require an overhaul of the existing air-conditioning system. The HVAC scent delivery system is directly connected to the wind pipe of the AC. The aroma is then diffused to the fresh air outlet in an even and controlled manner. The scent thus diffused will spread evenly within the area creating a pleasant experience for the visitors or occupants.

Aroma 24/7’s HVAC scent diffusion system uses cold air technology. Very fine, less than micron-sized, vapor particles are diffused by the system. No matter how advanced or old your HVAC system is, Aroma 24/7’s HVAC diffusion system can take care of the scent marketing of your property.


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