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Aquatonic is a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that combines green-citric and herbal-woody elements to create a revitalizing scent. At the top, the fragrance opens with a bright and fresh note reminiscent of crushed mint leaves, which sets the tone for the entire composition. The central bergamot-grapefruit complex creates a dynamic and lively aroma that is both energizing and uplifting. A hint of cassis and a slightly watery cyclamen note add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the scent. Finally, the fragrance settles into an elegant musky cedarwood base, which provides a warm and comforting foundation for the entire composition. Altogether, Aquatonic is a perfect blend of freshness, citrusy brightness, and woody undertones, making it a versatile fragrance suitable for any occasion.

Top Note bergamot, grapefruit
Middle Note cassis, cyclamen
Base Note musky, cedarwood
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