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Create a green-fresh ambience that soothes the spirit with this welcoming fragrance. This gentle floral scent opens with notes of Jasmine Tea, before revealing a deeper heart of Sambac Jasmine, Green Notes & Clove. The scent rests on a base


Fresh and dynamic as a breath of mountain forest air. This cool fragrance opens with an invigorating burst of Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot & Green Mandarin, followed by an alluring herbal fruity heart of Black Currant, Green Tea, Black Tea, Iris.


An enchanting, elegantly timeless fragrance to create a lush, captivating ambiance. The opening of the Turkish Rose provides allure and appeal, being accentuated by the Dry Woody Notes that dominate the heart. This fragrance rests on a base of enticing


Balwood is a lovely blend of floral and sweet with a touch of spice and a dash of woody notes. This inviting and soothing fragrance opens with warm spicy notes of Cinnamon, before revealing an elegant heart of Rose, Geranium,


A cologne-like, crisp, clean fragrance for a cozy, uplifting ambiance. Arpeggio opens with a rejuvenating citrus symphony of Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Orange before moving on to a powdery soft heart of Violet Leaf, Jasmine, and Rosemary. At the base is


An excellent, full-bodied oriental fragrance to create a space exuding middle-east luxury and sophistication. The opening of Agarwood & Honey provides a generous introduction with a delectable twist. The rich opening is followed by a confident, powdery, stable heart of


Heavenly Oud is a well balanced scent with a rich, unique oriental character. Healing Lavender combines with sweet notes at the opening. This flows over to a soft blend of Jasmine, enlightened by Nutmeg, Clove & Saffron. Amber and Agarwood

Coffee Pure

This is a delicious, pick-me-up scent granted to chase away those morning blues and get you energized for the rest of the day, just like having a cup of fresh coffee. This almost-edible aroma opens with a blend of Hazelnut

Lemongrass Pure

A clean, refreshing, simple fragrance revolving around Lemongrass with a touch of Citrus notes balancing out the Lemongrass tang. Inviting a clear energizing atmosphere with top notes of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Citrique. The fresh lemony feel continues into the middle notes

Green Tea Lemongrass

A simple, clean, fresh & highly citrus fragrance that is mostly Lemongrass. the top notes include Lemon, Eucalyptus & Citriodora. The clean uplifting feel continues into the middle notes that include Geranium and Green Tea. The base note involves Guaiacwood


A luxurious woody mix, yet uplifting and refreshing cologne-type fragrance. This modern fragrance opens with Grapefruit, Rhubarb, Fig Leaves & Woody Notes, flowing over to a heart of Pink Grapefruit, Kaffir Lime, Tangerine, Ginger, Cardamom, Saffron and Woody Notes. This


A Deep, Smoky, Woody fragrance, evoking the atmosphere of a luxurious, cozy wooden interior. This fragrance announces itself with an opening of Saffron, sitting on a heart of Patchouli & Guaiacwood. These prominent notes are well balanced out by the


This simple, absolute aroma delivers the fresh, spicy and delicious scent of pure Cinnamon. All throughout the fragrance, in the top notes, the middle notes and the base, Cinnamon is the only element present in all its delectable glory.


Woody notes add a layer of depth to this refreshing, fruity fragrance. At the top is a fresh modern prelude, with Fruity notes of Bergamot, Lime, Orange, Pamplemousse, Floral notes of Orange Blossoms, Peony & Fruity Undertones of Apple &


This balsamic woody fragrance evokes a soothing atmosphere. The fresh herbal citrus top notes of Orange, Mugwort & Laurel Leaves smoothly aligns with a light spicy, powdery accord of Star Anise which entwines the calming middle notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood


Bright & Uplifting, experience the wonder of Vanilla in Tropical Hawaii. Though not center stage, Vanilla is prominent in the fragrance, blending seamlessly & beautifully with all the other notes. The opening is a burst of joyful pineapple that cheers


A cheerfully delicious and soft fragrance that smells exactly as its name, fresh baked sugar cookies just out of the oven. May even evoke childhood nostalgia for those whose moms used to bake for them. Opening with notes of Dried


A caffeine-rich, stimulating fragrance of fresh-brewed Coffee. Delivering that pick-me-up effect is a top note of fresh roasted Black Coffee. This intermingles with notes of Mocca & Espresso coffees, blended with delicious notes of Caramel & Honey. This scrumptuous bouquet


Though this creamy, soothing scent, opening with notes of Orange & Mandarin, is dominated by Vanilla, hints of Caramel & Coconut float by, giving a lightly, spicy feel. The middle notes include Heliotrope & Tonka Bean, giving over to a


A glamourous, summery fragrance that is fresh and sweet, yet also has a cologne-like feel. The Pineapple, Passion fruit & Geranium provide a fresh clean opening that is quickly given depth by floral Rose, Magnolia, Lily, Jasmine & Muguet notes,


A soft woody, yet unique fragrance with an incense-like feel, evoking a serene, almost religious oriental atmosphere. The unusual top notes of Carrot, Almond & Calamus simmer over a heart of Rose, Milk & Spices, which sits on a base


Imagine taking a walk through a deep green, woody forest. The Aldehydes & Cypriol give this fragrance a clean & fresh opening with an earthy feel, which simmers over a woody heart of Cedarwood, Patchouli & Cinnamon Bark. The base


The rich, smoky, woody notes of Guaiacwood and Sandalwood open doors to true luxury ambience, with a touch of spicy Saffron & powdery Orris Root enriching the total feel of luxury in this captivating fragrance. Opening with saffron notes, the


Evoking a walk through a fresh green pine forest, the opening of this scent consists of an uplifting blend of Aldehydes & Bergamot. At the middle are Aldehydic Notes, Fruity Notes, Rose, Muguet, Carnation & Cedarwood, closing off with Patchouli,


A very mild, unobtrusive aroma for that quiet ambience. Seen but not heard, this calming fragrance opens with the softest fruity notes of Cucumber, Guava, Honeydew Melon and Grapefruit, before silently moving on to a gentle heart of Jasmine, Apple,


A fresh, fruity green fragrance, sure to create a refreshing ambience. Opening with notes of Apple, Grapefruit, Green & Aledhydic notes, the fruity feel gives way to a floral mix of Jasmine, Lily of the Valley & Fig at the


Evoking a secluded Green Grove with a clear spring flowing through, Cucumber Water opens with fresh scents of Cucumber, Green Vegetables & Lively notes reminiscent of Sparkling Spring Water. White Lily & Melon give balance to this green scent, adding


A refreshing, fruity green fragrance with a well-balanced, delectable aroma. The Blackcurrant & Clementine Flower top notes unfold an almost-edible aura, yet it is balanced out by Dewy Greens & Cedrat Leaf. Acacia Honey & Nectarine in the middle notes


A deluxe fragrance invoking a bewitching atmosphere to lure you in. Opening with a fusion of sweet & spicy notes of Grapefruit, Basil, Coriander & Mint, the scent moves on to Orange blossom, Cardamom, Ginger & Nutmeg at the heart.


A sophisticated scent for those who search for a unique twist to a spicy aroma. Bergamot & Cinnamon provide a spicy opening, followed by a fruity blend of Peach, Plum & Violet at its heart. At the base is a


An exotic Spicy Floral scent. The hghly energetic & spicy top notes of Blood Orange, Cardamom, Coriander, Mandarin & Violet Leaf simmer over to middle notes of seductive Jasmine, Iris & Rose. The base is a complex mix of Amber,


This commanding, fresh-aromatic fragrance combines the best of uplifting scents seamlessly into a pleasing scent, placing it in a class of its own. The top notes are Magnolia, Cyclamen, Bergamot, Mandarin, Mugwort, Wormwood, & Lavender. The middles notes are a


This is a fragrance that truly transports you to the atmosphere of an enchanting garden of lush greens, filled with blooming flowers. This angelic aroma blooms with a lush bouquet of Peony, Magnolia, Apple Blossom & Soft Green Herbs, flowing


A sweet, floral mix fragrance with an unexpected depth, this fragrance opens with an eclectic blend of fresh, sweet, fruity, oriental and flowery notes. this flows over to a heart of sweet, oriental, fruity, flowery and woody (patchouli) notes. All


A creamy, soothing fragrance, gentle on the senses with no sharp elements. The fragrance opens with a mellow mix of Sweet Amber and Rose, setting the stage for a more vibrant heart of Jasmine, Rose, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Saffron.


A refreshing scent that feels like a cool, fresh spring morning, just before sunrise. The fragrance unfolds around a heart of Lavender, opening with Coniferous notes and a touch of Anise, giving it a crisp feel, with hints of Fruity,


A lighthearted, playful fragrance that opens with fresh & sweet top notes of Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot. The middle notes of Frangipani, Jasmine, Orange Blossom & Geranium further continue the floral fruity mix , drying down to a base of


Take a walk in a maple forest on an autumns day with this spicy floral fragrance. Opening with top notes of Lemon, Mandarine & Bergamot, the scent takes on a spicy turn with Violet Leaves, Ginger & Cardamom at its


Evoking a sweet tropical bouquet of fruits and flowers, this exotic scent has top notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Apricot, Peach & Plum. The fresh & sweet top notes give way to Violet, Jasmin, Magnolia, Muguet, Apricot, Peach, & Plum.


A blend of fresh, green scents that come together perfectly to recreate the bright green scent of Bamboo. Refreshing and uplifting, it opens with bright green-feeling notes and moves on to a blend of Floral Notes, Spices & Wood Notes


This soft green fragrance recalls a fresh cut lawn, just after a refreshing spring rain. Opening with fresh green notes of Grapefruit, Orange, Rhubarb, Fig, Green Leaves, Green Stems & Fresh Cut Grass, the aroma takes on citrus elements as


The invigourating quality of Green Tea meets the soothing nature of Aloe Vera in this clear, fresh spring green aroma with a floral blend. The fragrance opens with top notes of citrusy Orange & Lime, along with Aloe Vera. The


This light, fresh green aura welcomes you with clean Bergamot, Lemon, Lemongrass, Fir needle & Cucumber top notes, unfolding to reveal heart notes of Honeysuckle, Orris, Rose, Lily, Hyacinth, Carnation & Peach, imparting a floral powdery dimension, gently receding with


With a waxy, green & floral feel, also reminiscent of freshly cleaned laundry, this complex fragrance aims to deliver an ambience of Freshness & Cleanliness. The scent unfolds with top notes of Lemon, Wax, Leafy Green Notes & Floral Notes,


A cleansing green fragrance brimming with herbal notes for an uplifting feel. While Tea is well-known for its refreshing quality, the aroma of thyme helps stimulate the mind, strengthen memory and concentration, and calm the nerves. The scent opens with


This beautiful spicy citrus fragrance with an undertone of green both energizes and soothes the senses. The opening is an energetic rush of Citrusy Grapefruit, Bergamot, Green Tea & Mint. The energetic opening simmers over to a refreshing blend of


This fresh, deep green scent is simple, yet invigorating. The accord is carefully crafted so that hints of uplifting Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley & Citrus waft by, yet all throughout it stays true to its primary ingredient, the


A fresh, bright green fragrance of Fig & Citrus scents. This fragrance opens with a bouquet of Bitter Fig Leaves, Green Tea and hints of Grapefruit & Rhubarb. The green feel continues in the middle notes with Mediterranean Fig Leaves,


Baccarat is a sensuously warm & exotic fragrance that retains a fresh feel along with the Oriental-Arabic luxury ambience. The fragrance opens with lush notes of Jasmine in all its fresh, exotic & seductive facets, before blending over to a


A Spicy Rose fragrance with that distinct Arabic feel. This sensuous fragrance opens with an exotic, spicy-floral blend of Saffron, Rose, Ginger, Cinnamon & Pink Pepper. The heady opening gives way to mellower notes of woody Patchouli & Agarwood (Oud)


A fascinatingly fragrance to create an atmosphere of relaxation in luxurious comfort. Opening with bergamot, the middle notes quickly take over with jasmine, agarwood and cedarwood. This enchanting fragrance sits on an equally rich base of Musk and Amber.


A gentle aroma designed to evoke a restful atmosphere. It opens with clean, cool aldehydic notes and nectar, softly transitioning to a heart of Turkish Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Green Notes, ending on a base of mossy notes, amber and


A majestic fragrance with a commanding, yet soothing presence. Deeply rich & sweet, yet warm & spicy, the luxurious opulence of this scent is unmistakable. Its gourmand opening with Coffee blends seamlessly with Cumin and Saffron, developing a heart of


A powerful, complex essence of a warm, ambery nature. This sensual fragrance opens with top notes of Floral, Woods, Amber blending with the iconic Swiss Oud formula. The middle notes comprise the finest Bulgarian Rose Oil, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Nagarmotha,


Blind Love is an enchanting multifaceted fragrance that covers multiple categories on its scent journey. It opens with an explosion of fresh, sweet fruity notes of Raspberry, Pear, Strawberry and Bergamot. The vivacious opening gives way to a captivating floral


A delectable fragrance with a luxurious, dramatic nature, Gold Rush confidently announces itself with a mix of Animalic and Rose notes at its opening before revealing a sweeter heart with a blend of Peach, Praline and Cedarwood. At the base


French Open is a refreshing aroma to invigorate the senses and create that calm yet alert atmosphere. It opens with a blend of Grapefruit, Orange, Anise and Lavender, before moving onto a heart of Pineapple, Apple, Peach and Woody Notes.


Invigourate your space with this rich, spicy woody aroma for a more productive environment. This fragrance opens with top notes of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cypress and Peach, moving on to middle notes comprising Violet, Jasmine, Incense and Balsam. The base of


Bourberry is a soothing, sweet oriental fragrance that evokes a fruit orchard in full bloom. The sweet opening of Bergamot, Peach and Apricot gives way to a soft floral heart of Osmanthus, Rose, Jasmine and Iris. At the base is


A gentle yet luscious scent that evokes a warm and luxurious ambience. It opens with a fresh, citrusy rush of Bergamot, Neroli & Freesia before mellowing down to a heart of Cinnamon Bark, Patchouli, Orris, Rose and Lily of the


A deeply sensuous, exotic, spicy floral fragrance, it opens with top notes of Pepper, Saffron & Chilli, which give way to notes of Rose & Orange Blossom that give balance and keeps the fragrance from becoming too spicy. At the


Invoke a clean, lush green paradise, free from stress & pollution and create the ambience of your very own heaven on earth. The cleansing top notes of Bitter Orange, Grapefruit & Bergamot mix with uplifting, spicy notes of Peruvian Peppertree,


An aristocratic gentleman of a fragrance, Gorgeous Men is certainly aroma of sophistication & luxury. The fragrance opens with a luxurious blend of Amber, Leather, White Pepper, Ginger, Bay leaves, Valerian & Nagarmotha, simmering over to a blend of Ciste


Infuse your space with sophistication & class with this plush leather fragrance. Opening with notes of Thyme, Leather, Violet & Rose, which moves on to middle notes of Raspberry, with the fruity sweetness balanced out by Mate & Cedarwood. At


A Fragrance of luxurious serenity, this spicy aroma evokes the tranquil atmosphere of an opulent sanctuary that is all your own; in the middle of an autumn forest. The spicy top notes of Saffron, Elemi, Mandarin & Violet Leaves interweaves


This fresh, yet deep fragrance starts out with bright notes of Orange & Mandarin, yet is given an unexpected depth by Eucalyptus, Lavender & Gardenia. The dynamic simmers over to a fresh and powdery feel, brought on by Orange Blossom,


Create the luxurious vibe of plush leather as your ambience. Opening with a fresh, spicy mix of Bergamot, Tangerine & Pepper, this fragrance quickly evolves to a mix of Lavender, Patchouli & Tonka Beans that feels just like a spicy


A soothing jasmine mixed scent with a sweet, tropical feel. This relaxing fragrance opens with Coconut & Lemon notes before delivering heart of Jasmine at its middle notes, along with Spiced Clove, Green Leafy Floral notes & Rose. The base


Create a plush atmosphere that is uplifting, refreshing & distinctly oriental. This enchantingly inviting fragrance opens with notes of black tea, developing floral notes of Rose & Oriental Tobacco in the middle. The base continues the oriental woody feel with


A rich citrus scent with a green aromatic touch & a woody depth. The Sweet, fresh opening of Bergamot, Grapefruit & Orange flows is given a green touch by the Green Aromatic Notes at the heart. The fragrance is set


This inviting, delicious fragrance unfolds like a fresh spring day. Starting with a vibrant explosion of Orange & Honeysuckle, the sweet notes simmer over Patchouli, giving way to a creamy and calming combination of Sandalwood, Cedarwood & Musk, mixed with


A fresh, fruity scent with a prominent citrus tang. This fragrance opens with a lively mix of Lemon, Mandarine, Apple Blossom, Apple & Green Notes. The citrus tangs give way to a blend of Lemon, Apple Blossoms, White Musk &


A bright, clean, energetic fragrance that can revive tired souls. The vivacious top notes of Ginger, Lime, Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin & Green Tea Accord dance with woody notes of Copaiba & Cedarwood & Floral notes of Jasmine & Rose


Create a refreshing, uplifting atmosphere with this floral-mixed citrus tangy fragrance. The scent opens with notes of Mandarin, Yuzu, Mint & Juniperberry. The citrus opening gives way to a sweeter mix of Gorse Flower, Amaryllis & Driftwood Accord. The base


A fresh fragrance with a light-hearted, happy vibe. This floral green scent opens with top notes of Greeny Aloe Vera & Melon, giving way to middle notes of Cucumber & Aloe Vera with a touch of Marine Notes. The fresh


Evoking a field of fragrant flowers at a lakeside, this fragrance is clean and refreshing. The fresh citrusy opening notes of Neroli, Bergamot, Lime & Lemon give way to creamy floral middle notes of Orange Blossom and Lily of the


Welsh Gentry is an oriental, yet fresh and soothing, fragrance. The top notes of Green Almond & Pear mix in with hints of Bergamot & Lime, giving way to middle notes of Sweet Almond, Jasmine & Rose. The Base note


A Cologne-like, cheery aquatic aroma that feels as clear as a sparkling freshwater spring. This captivating fragrance opens with top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Lavender, Myrtle and Rosemary, moving on to a cologne-like blend of Bitter Orange Leaves, Jasmine,


Like a sea wind blowing through a green forest, this scent is refreshing and uplifting, while also delivering a generous touch of spice. It opens with fresh top notes of Bergamot, Tangerine & Orange, which simmer over to a blend


Feel like standing on the edge of a green forest, in the breeze of a close-by sea. This complex fragrance opens with a clean and fresh serving of Fougère, entwined with Herbal Aromatic notes of Lavender, Fir, Cypress, Tarragon, Rosemary,


A Fresh Aquatic Floral fragrance with a cologne-like nature. Blue Waterman delivers a fresh and uplifting ambiance that evokes a wide-open garden of flowers nearby an open sea. This beautiful fragrance opens with notes of Bergamot, Pineapple and Oceanic Note


A woody floral fragrance with an unexpected depth, this evokes a calm-yet-alert state of ambiance. This scent opens with top notes of Leather with hints of Cherry, and the blend simmers over to a bouquet of Ylang Ylang, Clove, Cinnamon


Love Poem is a captivating, fresh floral fragrance, like a romantic walk in a green garden filled with blooming flowers. The sent opens unfolds with a bouquet of Lemon, Geranium, Freesia & Honeysuckle, simmering over to the heart of Jasmine,


Like standing at the edge of a field of flowers in full bloom, this scent delivers a refreshing, yet soothing fragrance with a powerful presence. Opening with sharp top notes of Ylang-ylang, Neroli & Mimosa, which tapers to a softer


This refreshingly sweet fragrance is more of a lighter, exotic, fruity version of Jasmine, rather than a full-on Jasminescent. While Jasmine does dominate all throughout, adding floral notes & depth, there are unmistakable fruity notesthat compliment the floral fragrance, leading


A pure Lavender aroma in all its glory. From ancient times, its benefits were well-known, which is why, even today, it is one of the most used aromas in aromatherapy. Though most known as a calming scent, its benefits range


This fragrance offers the aroma of Pure Jasmine, in all its glory. Romantic, luscious and complex in itself, it is a powerful aroma that stands well on its own.  


The calm of Lavender, depth of Eucalyptus and vibrance of Cyclamen come together in perfect harmony in a mysterious fragrance that evokes the sense of being calm, yet bright & alert. The top notes of Lavender & Eucalyptus flow seamlessly

My Sweet Heart

A fresh & breezy, light-hearted floral fragrance. My Sweetheart opens with refreshing top notes of Bergamot & Sweet Pea. The cheerful middles notes of Freesia, Geranium & Quince breeze in, giving way to base notes of Rose Centifolia & Patchouli.