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BMS Connected HVAC Scent Diffusers

BMS Enabled Scent Machines

The advent of Building Management Systems has immensely changed how we manage buildings and large complexes. Building Management Systems are a boon for facility managers and technicians. With efficient BMSs, building maintenance and management becomes easier and more efficient.

With more and more systems or machinery becoming imperative to operate modern-day buildings, controlling or monitoring them through an existing BMS as the communication protocols may not exist or do not support each other. This is a big challenge for facility service providers.

One such area they struggle with is scenting. The scent machines currently in the market do not have connectivity with Building Management Systems. The results

  1. Since the scent machines cannot be centrally controlled, all of them work at the same time in the settings that are individually set.
  2. They do not communicate with the HVAC system. Thus, diffusing even if the AC is off
  3. There is no monitoring system to effectively tell which scent machine ran out of the scent and thus requiring huge manpower to check them individually.
  4. No central reporting to know the machine working status or fragrance oil status
  5. No control on the cost as there is no date reported

This becomes more challenging when there are numerous scent machines and areas to operate.

This is now changing for good!

Thanks to the AROMA 24/7 Technology Innovation team.

AROMA 24/7 HVAC Scent Systems can now communicate with most well-known Building Management Systems, like that of Honeywell.

AROMA 24/7 scent systems for HVAC can be connected to the BMS via BACnet. BACnet is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks.  The BACnet protocol is used for device and object discovery within the network with protocol services that include Who-Is, I-Am, Who-Has, I-Have. Developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), BACnet is a game-changer in HVAC communication protocol.

Apart from BACnet, AROMA 24/7 BMS Scent Machines can be hooked using the Modbus protocol. Modbus can be layered over BACnet or vice versa. Modbus to BACnet gateway allows Modbus slave devices to communicate on a BACnet network.

So the system can have two networks together

  • Main network running on BACnet IP protocol
  • Subnetwork running on Modbus protocol

Modbus protocol Subnet to BACnet  IP main network can be deployed as a ‘Gateway Device’ acting as a bridge between the two networks.

When connected, the scent machines will be able to communicate to the individual home automation console or to the BMS or both.

Key Features of the BMS Enabled AROMA 24/7 HVAC Scent Systems

  • Intelligent diffusion of the fragrance
  • Control over the intensity levels
  • Capable of communicating to and from BMS Control room
  • Liquid level sensing for proper fragrance disposal and refilling
  • Smart HVAC status detection for optimal usage of oil
  • Can be enabled directly to operate with ‘In-Room Automation System’

Control Features to the BMS terminal from AROMA 24/7 HVAC Scent System

  • Functional Status – ON/OFF
  • Intensity definition Control for all 4 levels
  • ON time and OFF time settings for all levels in the user panel
  • Checking the level of fragrance oil in the bottle
  • Setting an operating window for the device
  • Different operating window for the HVAC diffuser machine can be set depending on the occupancy conditions
  • From the BMS it is possible to display the working status of all the machines to a control screen
  • Options to control scent machines by grouping – thus making the device management much more easier