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The basic characteristic of a fragrance is its perfume accord. The balanced blend of three notes, top, middle and base, expresses the luxury of the olfactory intensity of each note. The key to harmony lies in the transitions between each note but also in their consistency or substance on their own.

Aroma 24/7 offers the finest quality perfumes made of the most unique and inspiring choices of naturals and molecules. Rich in reminders and emotions, fragrances enhance our daily lives and connect with memory. Our high profile associate perfumers ensure the expertise to express their creativity at its best and delight consumers with exceptional perfumes.

Top note creates the first influence and impression, so initial spark really important for an impact. The top note molecules evaporate fast, as they are made of lighter ones. Usually, they are of citrus, spicy, green and aromatic/herbal notes.

The middle note is the transition note between top and base note. Once the top note starts faded, the middle shows presence. These notes are usually floral, fruity, spicy, green, aromatic/herbal notes and they are long lasting more than top notes. These notes are more dominant and the core of the fragrance.

Base notes are what remain after middle notes faded away. This is the note creates a memory and leaves footprint in your mind. Powerful longest-lasting base notes also help to boost the staying power of middle and top notes. These notes evaporate very slowly and stay longer period. Usually referred notes are amber, woody, leather, musky leathery and sweet.